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Rugged construction: Strength in simplicity

Capacities from 2 - 30 tons


  • True variable speed machine
    (800 - 4000 rpm)

  • Linear capacity and power curve

  • Virtually no vibration

  • 6 sizes available

The RotoVane compressor can be integrated on a number of low, med and high temperature applications. It utilizes a unique rotary vane technology. Specially developed internal profile and tight end clearances give the RotoVane compressor high performance characteristics and long life.



  • Balanced oil flow - no oil pump required

  • No metal to metal contact

  • No valves

  • Soft (unloaded) start - no initial power spike

  • Quiet/Low vibration - balanced even when unloaded.

  • No vibration isolators needed.

  • Only one major moving part

  • Small compact design - easily adapted to small spaces

  • Excellent characteristic at both low and high temp. applications

  • Open drive design

  • Rugged cast iron construction

  • Not motion sensitive

  • High volumetric efficiencies and COP

  • Built in pressure plate - vents liquid slugs

  • Approx. 40% fewer parts than a reciprocating compressor

  • Multiple refrigerants (134a, 404a, 407c, 507, 22 and Ammonia)

  • Mounted in any orientation

  • Economizer circuit easily added for low temp. applications

  • Oil Cooler easily adapted

  • Rack mounted - simple oil control

  • Mount in series


  • Unloader (50%) - Available on the RT compressor

  • Reverse rotation - Available on the RT compressor

  • High and low volume compression ratio - Available on the RC series compressor

  • Ammonia applications - Available on the RT and RC compressor

Two Compressor Types Available

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